Mobility Centres

The Mobility Centres are facilities that offer all disabled customers practical help in solving problems related to driving a car adapted to their abilities. Set up by the Stellantis Group, they want to guarantee everyone, effectively and free of charge, the opportunity to test and improve the quality of their movement.

In each of the 14 Centres, which are easy and convenient to reach because they are present throughout Italy, you can:

  • Accurately assess your motor skills with the help of driving simulators, assisted and advised by physiotherapists and specialised technicians
  • Obtain a certificate to be submitted to the Medical Commission of your local health authority to simplify obtaining the special licence
  • Try driving for the first time or test new adaptations compared to those you already have on modified cars, with a specialised instructor, on the circuit or on the road.

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Mobility Centres

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Ancona Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Via I° Maggio 142 – 60131 Ancona



Local Medical Commission for Licencing

South Tyrol Health Unit for Forensic Medicine
Via Galilei, 10/b 39100 Bolzano.

The center collaborates with Handicar Cooperative
Via Galileo Galilei 4/D
Tel. 0471 930932


Inail Prosthesis Centre

Via Rabuina, 14
40054 Vigorso di Budrio (BO)

A pioneering facility which unique in Europe for its equipment and staying at the cutting edge of the field, it specialises in technical orthopaedics.


A.O. Cannizzaro

Via Messina, 829
95126 Catania

The Mobility Centre, which is managed by the AUSPICA Association, is situated within the Unipolar Spinal Unit of the Cannizzaro Hospital.




Via Urbe / via La Spezia 71042 Cerignola (FG)

Tel / Fax 0885 425370



Local Medical Commission

At ASL 15
Corso Francia n° 10
12100 Cuneo

It is a centre located within the Forensic Medicine facility complex of Cuneo.
Office tel no. 0171 450485  fax 0171 450120


Asl 10 Firenze

Via S. Salvi, 12 – 50135

The Mobility Centre is located within the Presidio Sanitario della A.S.L. [Local Health Authority Service’s Health Centre] at “Villa Fiorita”.



Centro Riabilitazione Cardinal Ferrari – Santo Stefano

Via IV Novembre, 21 – 43012 Fontanellato (PR)

Tel. 0521 820211

Nato nel 1999, il Centro Cardinal Ferrari si è affermato come uno dei principali punti di riferimento italiani nel settore della riabilitazione per gravi cerebrolesioni acquisite e congenite.


Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
Milan Provincial Office

Paraplegic Association of Lombardy and GEODE Cooperative
Via Cilea, 119 Milano

It is a centre located within the Ministry of Transportation in Milan. The Centre operates the ASL’s Medical Commission and is managed by the Paraplegic Association of Lombardy in collaboration with the GEODE Cooperative.
Tel. 02 90376760
Tel. 02 90377216


Pieve di Soligo

The “La Nostra Famiglia” Association
Via Monte Grappa, 96 31053
Tel. 04389062
Pieve di Soligo (TV)

The Centre is located within “Giacomo e Maria Battistella” rehabilitation centre, managed by the “La Nostra Famiglia” Association, an organisation that has been working since 1947 for the rehabilitation and social reintegration of people with disabilities.



Luce sul Mare

Viale Pinzon, 312-314
47813 Bellaria – Igea M. (RN)

Tel. 0541 330138

The Mobility Centre is located within the “Luce sul Mare” Rehabilitation Centre, which specialises in serious neurodisabilities.



Centro per l’Autonomia

Via Giuseppe Cerbara 20, 00147 ROMA

Tel. 06 51604253


Centro per l’Autonomia Umbro

Via Papa Benedetto III n. 48 05100 Terni (TR)

Tel. 0744 274659



“Mirafiori Motor Village” con Stellantis & You – Torino

Piazza Cattaneo, 9 – 10135 Torino

Tel. 331 6650609 (da lunedì a giovedì)



For information on Mobility Centers, you can contact flavio.montrucchio@stellantis.com

Driving simulators

Driving simulators

The driving simulator is state-of-the-art equipment that can assess your motor, visual and cognitive abilities and allows you to become familiar with the devices you will use on the car.

Using sensors, the computer tests your driving ability and your strength in acceleration and braking progression. The tools available vary according to specific needs: you can choose between the classic pedal board or the “Push & Pull” device for manual accelerator and brake management. The feeling of driving is real, thanks to the advanced technology of the tools.
At the end of the test, you will receive the results of your performance.

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