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Autonomy helps you learn about and take advantage of the many benefits to which you are entitled, such as:

  • 4% reduced VAT rate (also on electric vehicles with power not exceeding 150 kW)
  • Exemption from payment of car tax (see regional legislation) and transcription taxes for purchases or transfers of ownership of new or used vehicles (excluding sensory impaired)
  • Deductibility for IRPEF (personal income tax) purposes of 19% of the purchase price and extraordinary repair and maintenance costs.

Those eligible for these benefits are:

  • The blind and deaf
  • Psychologically or mentally disabled persons with an attendance allowance
  • Disabled persons with severe walking impairment or with multiple amputations
  • Disabled persons with reduced or impaired mobility.
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Offers on purchase price

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Financial Promotions

For vehicles of the relevant month, with the possibility of financing equipment as long as it does not exceed 70% of the car’s selling price.

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Offers for Autonomy Customers

offer of 1%

Extra discount for Mobility Centre users who have been given a coupon.


At the end of the two-year contractual warranty period is automatically extended to the 3rd and 4th year with the specific services included in the Free To Go programme (courtesy car and assistance).


For the purchase of Stellantis Group vehicles, you are entitled to an additional discount of 2% on the list price, in addition to the promotions reserved for private customers.

Promotion valid for those entitled to the tax benefits provided for by current legislation.

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Special Driving Licence

Special Driving Licence Alfa Romeo

How do you get it? Here is the procedure for issuing one of the special licences.

1. Recognition of driving suitability

To obtain it, you must undergo an examination at the appropriate Local Medical Commission (there is at least one for each province). You can book the suitability examination at the secretariat of the Local Medical Commission for driving licences, by presenting a medical certificate drawn up on a completed form and an identification document. During the assessment examination, you can submit additional clinical documentation (provided it is issued by a rehabilitation service or a specialist of your disability) and have a trusted doctor assist you, at your own expense. In the event that the Commission has any doubts about your suitability, a practical driving test will be carried out on a vehicle “adapted in relation to the particular needs”.

The certificate of suitability issued by the Local Medical Commission is valid for 90 days. The certificate of suitability specifies which devices you must apply to your car: they will be the same as the learner’s permit and the driver’s licence.

To lodge an appeal

A candidate can only be considered ineligible by the Local Medical Commission after taking the medical examination and driving test.

If this happens and you believe that the assessment you have been subjected to is insufficient, you can refrain from signing the examination report. Or, you can appeal and have a new examination carried out.

The appeal must be sent within 30 days of the refusal and by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, with the duly completed refusal document attached (to be requested immediately after the examination at the Local Medical Commission) to: Ministry of Transport – MOT 5 – Via Giuseppe Caraci, 36 – 00157, Rome.

You will then be contacted by the General Management of the M.C.T.C. and informed of the date and place where you will go for the new assessment. In this new examination you can also get assistance, at your own expense, from a trusted doctor.

2. The driving test

Once you have obtained your certificate of suitability and learner’s permit, you can prepare for the theoretical and practical exams.

During the practical examination on the modified vehicle, the Department of Motor Vehicles engineer can confirm the planned adaptations or add others. The special licence will show the definitive adaptations that you will have to activate on your car. The testing of the adapted vehicles is carried out by the Department of Motor Vehicles at the workshops that have taken care of the preparation of the vehicle.

3. Renewal

The duration of validity of the special licence is 5 years, even if this time is often reduced. The Provincial Medical Commission must be contacted at least 90 days before the expiration of the licence. To request an appointment for the suitability examination, you must attach the medical certificate drawn up on a special form and a copy of the licence in possession.

If you want to obtain a special license, you can request a medical examination or a practical driving test at all the Mobility Centres of the Stellantis Group.

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