Fadiel Italiana’s CL007 Control Unit, a new state-of-the-art driving system

Stellantis Autonomy pays constant attention to the world of mobility solutions for those with motor, sensory or intellectual limitations, with the aim of meeting all needs with increasingly appropriate tools.

This is why the Program collaborates with the best outfitters, and today it is happy to talk about the new CL007 Steering Wheel Control Unit from Fadiel Italiana.

The control unit, which uses state-of-the-art technology with radio control and has a very long battery life, allows the management of steering and auxiliary controls with a single device, without reducing the visibility of the instrument panel.

It is the only product in this category with quick coupling and release. In fact, with the use of only one hand, simply pressing the central button located in the center of the handle, you can insert or remove the device from the special vice.

Its grip is ergonomic, and the well-placed and raised buttons on the outside make the device easy to use for all people regardless of hand size. In addition, it is equipped with a counterweight that always returns it to a perpendicular position (optimal condition for use), regardless of the position of the steering wheel.

This is just one of Fadiel’s driving systems available for Stellantis Group cars, along with all those also offered by other Program partner outfitters, such as Guidosimplex, Handytech and Kivi.

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