Peugeot Boxer, the ideal transport solution for associations and organisations made by Focaccia Group

Peugeot Boxer is the vehicle designed to transport people with disabilities suitable for the professional needs of Associations, Institutions, Volunteer Operators and Shuttles.

In the L2 version with High Roof it can accommodate up to 4 passengers and 3 people on wheelchairs, who can access the vehicle via the double arm lift in the rear.

In addition, the new F-Floor provides versatility in space and seating management, allowing seats to be easily removed.

A comfortable and well-kept environment, with ABS upholstery that enhances the vehicle aesthetics.

The solution is made by the Focaccia Group, one of the partners that, together with Fadiel, Guidosimplex, Handytech, Olmedo Spa and Orion Promobility, joins the Autonomy Programme to fit Stellantis group vehicles.

Discover all the solutions, both individual and for transport, from the Autonomy Programme’s partner outfitters.


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