“Storie da Raccontare” continues in Val d’Ossola with Vanni Oddera and Silvia Calcavecchia

The spirit of adventure doesn’t stop, bringing us to Val d’Ossola for a new episode of “Storie da Raccontare”.

Vanni Oddera, our freestyle motocross champion and creator of Mototherapy, crossed the mountains aboard an Opel Mokka accompanied by Silvia Calcavecchia, digital creator and motivational speaker.

For Silvia, having “UnaMarciaInPiù” means not letting her disability limit her, leveraging her strong adaptive spirit to never stop in front of obstacles.

Nor did she stop when facing the action experience with Vanni, with whom she rappelled down rapids in an exciting canyoning session.

Silvia’s story spurs us at the Autonomy Program in our mission to give freedom to anyone with motor, sensory or intellectual limitations by adapting Stellantis Group cars with individual and transportation solutions.

Watch the video and get involved in their adventure!


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