Martina Caironi is getting ready for the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics

Martina Caironi is an Italian Paralympic champion. The athlete is now training for the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics. Ability Channel met her on board of her Jeep, on loan since 2017 thanks to FCA Autonomy.

The car is full of souvenirs that talk about her travels and her memories related to the various competitions all over the world. A car in which every object has a story or an experience to tell.

Martina talks about recent years, but she refers mostly to the upcoming Tokyo 2021 Paralympics.

The edition in Japan will be totally different from the other ones. The Covid-19 has in fact turned all conventions upside down in no time, giving us a new perspective of the world. Human contacts will be kept to a minimum and hygiene and safety standards will be essential priorities.

Martina believes that thanks to Tokyo we will be able to wash away all the evil felt in this difficult year. She sees in this edition a great opportunity to rebirthing and awareness, a Paralimpiade of redemption and hopes that “after the rain we can enjoy again the sun and the rainbow”.

Jeep Renegade has long been a trusted ally, she says that despite “the rain, the snow and the wind, it’s still here shining”.

We wish her good luck and send her all our support for the summer games, hoping that her words can be prophetic.

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